Friday, 21 October 2016

Pleated Paper Globes... Plus!

Pleats are neat - they are still trending and here to stay. So - today I have an update to my Pleated Paper Globes.
I've ramped things up a little for this year's models - little tweaks that are fun updates and are fun to make, too. There's the threaded version (on the left) and the Pleat-within-pleat version (on the right).

Here are your free ornament designs:

I'm not giving detailed step-by-steps for the new designs here - you'll figure things out if you follow last year's tut! Just make sure you take care scoring and creasing the folds.

I have threaded a strip of paper through the paper globe - but a narrow ribbon would work a treat, too - and then you can tie a bow.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Math + Art = Bridges

The Bridges Conference took place in Finland this year. It is an annual event, with international participants, that celebrates the delightfully geeky interface between mathematics and art... think M C Escher and geodesic domes. Click on the link to watch a fun YouTube video about a travelling exhibition featuring highlights of the Bridges '16 creative makes.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Map Wrap - from Paperchase!

Look what I found:  Map wrap from Paperchase. 
Yay! The 3m giftwrap roll sells for £3.50. The design is made from strips of antique maps. There's Map tissue paper
, too - 3 sheets for£2. Also - a selection of readymade cardboard boxes covered in the map design.

My papercrafty enthusiasm ties in with my recent review of Making Art from Maps, by Jill K. Berry. My Paperchase find is ideal for making many of the map-themed designs in the book - and no maps harmed in the crafting! 

If you are interested in maps and mapmaking, I can recommend the very entertaining popular history book On the Map, by Simon Garfield.